Let the results
do the talking

We've had a lot of fun working with some great teams over the past few years - we'll let to let the projects speak for themselves.


What is the best way to rapidly deploy clinical services, reduce infection rates and reduce unnecessary trips? Our answer is going to a community near you soon...


How to reduce Co2 and particulates, naturally. Sometimes the answers have been around for millions of years...


Our response to the challenge of increasing safeguarding, driving efficiencies and creating a better stakeholder experience.

Innovation Nation

A community platform for teams who want to access all of the UK's innovation projects, share best practice, generate new ideas and learnings...


All the data, all the insights, a constantly growing ecosystem of tools. Welcome to the next generation of decision support tools.


Can an integrated mobility approach drive better transport outcomes for Local Authorities?

Smart County

A vision, a strategy and delivery programme of the UK's first truly smart county...Oxfordshire. Starting out with LEDs...

Innovation Procurement

Defining and procuring the right solution...that doesn't yet exist. An award winning UK first together with Oxfordshire County Council