Smart County

A vision, a strategy and delivery programme of the UK's first truly smart county...Oxfordshire. Starting out with a £40m overhaul of the County's lighting...


Our county is entering into a period of high growth with our population expected to grow by 11% between now and 2025. Whilst this growth will contribute to our high performing economy it will undoubtedly put pressure on our infrastructure and services. Clearly we need to focus on the most efficient ways on integrating and embracing this growth. This can only be achieved if we have the right evidence to support our decisions. We have an opportunity, through the smart infrastructure - street lighting procurement (SIP), to enable greater connectivity, generate insight through data and to both drive efficiencies in existing services and create new ones to meet our goals. So what will this look like? 

Our Solution

Working cross directorates we helped define and produce  a broad smart strategy and vision that could be used to guide the project and judge the effectiveness of the outcomes and be adopted across the Council’s operations. Working back from OCC’s goals of a thriving community, thriving people and a thriving economy we are developing a service design that will support these objectives ensuring that the enabling communications and data infrastructure are in place County wide. Where solutions do not exist we are working with the private and public sector to create them and the commercial models that will be become a blueprint for the nationwide pool out.