Our response to the challenge of increasing safeguarding, driving efficiencies and creating a better stakeholder experience.

The challenge 

Led by Oxfordshire County Council this programme address the challenges in planning and operating home to school transport. Driven by a need for in year savings, increased safeguarding and a better rider experience this co-creation project unities all transport function in an easy to mange interface.

Our solution 

We worked closely with the supported transport teams at OCC, led by Phil Earnshaw, to fully understand the challenges faced not only by his team but all of the stakeholders from fleet operators, admissions teams, finance teams and parents / guardians and, from this, developed a modular approach that addressed each requirement. On further investigation we discovered that this type of solution doesn’t yet exist in the market and partial systems are expensive and cumbersome. After development of the business case and further research Oxfordshire County Council and 40two embarked on a co-creation programme via the impact labs initiative run from the Innovation Nation Platform. We’ve built the prototypes in house that can group demand, select routes, analysis fleet options, track vehicles, integrate light touch ticketing, communicate easily with providers parents/guardians via an app, automated the complaints process and automated the payment of providers based on the validation of journeys being taken based on GPS tracking. 


Shepherd is now available for prototype testing and we are about to bring on additional local authorities to further develop the platform.