What is the best way to rapidly deploy clinical services, reduce infection rates and reduce unnecessary trips? Our answer is going to a community near you soon...


There is an urgent Public Health requirement for cost efficient mass vaccination programmes - both seasonal flu and COVID vaccines.

This year there has been a significant increase in the amount of seasonal flu vaccines being offered by including an additional cohort of around 15m people (e.g. over 50’s & shielding) representing increased pressure on the health system.

Projections by the NHS Confederation show that the NHS waiting list is expected to rise from about 4.2 million currently to about 10 million by Christmas.

This assumes the health service makes a steady return to full capacity within the next 12 months.

In a new report, the NHS Confederation said healthcare services were operating at a reduced capacity of about 60% because of infection control measures.

COVID19 safety compliance and preservation of health system capacity requires a cost-efficient solution to divert vulnerable populations from health settings for delivery of these vaccines.

Typically this is occurring in community settings such as flu surgeries in village halls where social distancing adherence is lower, and risk of transmission is high.

This model requires target populations attending in person, often using public transport to do so, representing further community contagion risk. Populations in rural communities run the risk of being left out of mass immunisation programmes altogether.

Health system capacity risks being overwhelmed by the combination of delivery of vaccines and the triaging of a significant backlog of patients accumulated during the lockdown.

We will be living with COVID19 for the foreseeable future and large scale vaccination programmes will be an annual requirement for the protection of both public health and economic recovery and security.


MOVE medical bays are intended to be an additional tool that can be rapidly deployed by any local NHS entity be it a GP office, local hospital or Primary Care Network at a moment's notice to respond to a constantly evolving situation.


MOVE medical bays can be rapidly installed in any standard single or double-decker bus in a matter of days by any local coachworks company - no special tools or skills required.


Once MOVE bays have been fitted, buses can be deployed to any location required  - no need to wait for specialised transport equipment or licenses to drive to the desired work site.


Once the initial requirement has been fulfilled, MOVE bays can be stored in containers ready to be installed again to meet any future need.