How to reduce Co2 and particulates, naturally. Sometimes the answers have been around for millions of years...


Poor air quality is the greatest environmental risk to public health in the UK, known to exacerbate the impact of pre-existing health conditions such as respiratory and cardio-vascular illnesses, especially for the elderly and infants.Nitrogen dioxide is the main concern due to long term effects (dementia, lower IQs in children, increased risk of autism, asthma, breast cancer, psychosis....) In London, more than 2 million people live in areas with illegally high levels of air toxins 36,000 Britons a year die from air pollution, costing the country £20 billion annually in healthcare. A further 29,000 die from illnesses linked to air pollution.


•A self regulating, connected Moss Wall that captures CO2, NO2 and fine particulate matter from the air

•Moss/ cryptogamic plants/ algae on a vertical panel

•12 m2 moss equivalent carbon capture to 275 trees

•Filters air passing through

•Low power narrow-band IoT connection:

sensors for AQ, soil moisture, UV embedded within the structure – additional sensors can be added/ changed/ upgraded

•Intelligent vertical irrigation system

•Solar powered, battery backup