Innovation Nation

A community platform for teams who want to access all of the UK's innovation projects, share best practice, generate new ideas and learnings...


There is an incredible amount of talent and innovation across the public mobility sector but sadly this isn’t always well publicised leading to a duplication of resources and a lack of shared learnings that can really raise the bar across the whole of the UK. 


Innovation Nation was born out of the desire to connect people and ideas so that, as a community, we can accelerate take up of learnings, share best practice and projects so that we we don't duplicate time or resources. We're trying to create an open and honest forum for us all to exchange ideas and experiences and come together to solve common challenges. 

Along with Karla Jakeman at InnovateUK and Rob Furlong at the Knowledge Transfer Network we’ve built a community based platform that holds a database all of the UK’s mobility and transport related projects where we can see what happened, talk to the people involved, come together to solve common challenges and most importantly share experiences with our peers. 


Innovation Nation ( is currently in Beta and will be publicly available in February 2021.