Innovation Procurement

Defining and procuring the right solution...that doesn't yet exist. An award winning UK first together with Oxfordshire County Council


Oxfordshire County Council knew that they needed both  more than the standard outputs from transport models and to revisit the commercial relationship between providers. The only snag being that this hadn’t been done before. So the challenge was to define what a transport should be able to do, both now and into the future, produce an outcome based specification, a way of procuring a consortium to deliver it…


Working closely with the I-hub team and OCC’s specialist procurement ninja’s David Wood and Kay Appleby we started by looking at the role of the new model and most importantly the needs and requirements of the diverse set of both internal and external stakeholders. From this we worked up an initial specification, a business case and set of broad outcomes ready for testing.  Having refined the requirements we devised a market engagement programme to bring in the cream of the crop of modelling talent. All of which were prepared to not only break new ground technically but also form a consortium to share revenues and jointly develop a commercial package to use both in and outside Oxfordshire. To enable procurement we established the UK’s first Innovation Procurement Partnership for a Local Authority. 


The model is currently being built and commercialised by a consortium of Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford Computer Consultants, Immense Simulations, Geospock, Alchera and Zipabout.


Oxfordshire County Council