All the data, all the insights, a constantly growing ecosystem of tools. Welcome to the next generation of decision support tools.

The Challenge

The is an ever increasingly amount of data but this is of no use if it is expensive, proprietary, siloed closed, and hard to extract insights from. This is something that we came up against when we were working with infrastructure and Adult Social Care teams trying to develop solutions. 

Our Solution 

So in late 2019 we decided to start to pool together the data sets that teams needed to make decisions and develop a cloud based visualisation and simple decision support tool set. We heard a lot of things like: “wow, where did you get this data”, “can I have a screenshot for a presentation”, “I’ve never been able to visualise our data like this”. So we thought it might be a good idea to develop the idea further - CommunityOS was born. At its heart CommunityOS is single point of truth for curated data sets that enables an independent suite if decision support tools to be developed to help commissioners and decision makers make better more informed choices.


We have already deployed ecosystem applications - Mind the Gap ( demand and supply analysis for Adult Social Care) and Shepherd (Child to School transport software) with the public release of CommunityOS in early Q2 2021.