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Project MOVE On The Road to Deliver Extra NHS Capacity - a Multi-Functional Clinical Platform for Buses

Thursday, February 11, 2021: 40two, the solutions design company, today announced the launch of the world’s most innovative system of mobile clinical treatment bays.

The turnkey bus kits, designed to provide a quick way for local authorities to respond to the increased demands brought on by the COVID pandemic, as well as for future requirements such as boosters, can be easily installed into a city bus in less than a day by bus company mechanics - requiring no special knowledge from users to set up and deploy.

Once installed, Project MOVE bus kits provide 3x the capacity over other common solutions currently in use and should deliver up to 865 tests or 540 vaccinations per bus per day.“At 40two we work exclusively with public sector customers across the UK and, after the first lockdown, we wanted to do something to help get people back to work, which could also be rolled out quickly and cost-effectively.” said David Brown, a Partner at 40two and Project MOVE’s Managing Director.

The NHS Confederation estimated that the NHS waiting list could be as high as 10M at the start of 2021 and also added that healthcare services were operating at a reduced capacity of about 60% because of infection control measures. Project MOVE’s bus kits will help alleviate this backlog of demand for services - particularly in rural and remote areas - without requiring patients to travel long distances and put themselves at unnecessary risk.

Fully functioning, production ready bays have been installed in a Mercedes Citaro bus provided by Oxford Bus Company and will be used in a series of live demonstrations over the next few weeks in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire to show suitability across a variety of use cases including lateral flow testing and administering vaccines to the public.

Key features of the Project MOVE bus kits include:

  • 2 standard, private, COVID-secure treatment bays
  • 1 accessible clinical bay / adaptive area
  • lighting and power pack including sockets, fixtures and generator
  • confidential staff and storage area including lockable fridge, lockable equipment lockers and a 4-seat worktop for administration purposes
  • customisable privacy screening on exterior windows

Customers who purchase Project MOVE bays own the hardware and can store the bays until any time in the future when they are needed to respond to constantly changing operational pressures.

The prototype was funded by a consortium including 40two, Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford Bus Company and Norfolk County Council.

Rob Hale, Co-Founder of 40two remarked,

“We’re excited  that this initiative will play a part in reducing the need for people to travel into mass testing centres and so reduce both the amount of traffic around and the risk of infection. Take clinical services to people, not the other way around! This is a rapid, truly mobile, and most importantly a cost effective solution and we're really looking forward to seeing how this will make a positive impact.”

Councillor Ian Hudspeth, Leader of Oxfordshire County Council, said: “Project Move is a UK first. We celebrate and welcome all innovative ideas and this is an exciting development for both the county and the country. Our iHub operates at the cutting-edge of local government innovation supporting and facilitating Oxfordshire businesses to develop new ideas across all sectors and tackle challenges, such as Project MOVE. As priority groups are continuing to be vaccinated across the country at tremendous speed, it’s now really important that we start planning ahead for how we can ensure the mass distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine – particularly with mass vaccinations now even closer on the horizon. The bus could also have other uses for testing so I look forward to seeing how this progresses.”

Phil Southall, Managing Director of Oxford Bus Company said,

“We were thrilled to provide the prototype bus so that we could be part of the national effort to get the whole population vaccinated as soon and as safely as possible and ultimately save lives within our community. This bus and many others that will hopefully follow on from the prototype will assist the NHS in getting to the hard-to-reach places for people that cannot make their way to an existing vaccination centre. The conversion job is truly remarkable and our vehicles can revert back to being normal buses once the mass vaccination effort has subsided and this is a great use of our resources whilst we are operating a reduced level of local bus services.”

The Project MOVE prototype bus is a showcase of the clinically robust, sustainable solution designed to support a variety of COVID related activities including rural testing and vaccination.

Project MOVE

We provide the UK’s only rapidly-deployable, mobile clinical bay platform designed to be quickly installed into public buses. Our multi-use bays provide ample space for doctors and nurses to deliver a variety of clinical services directly into the community.

Project MOVE’s clinical bays can be used for administering annual flu vaccines, COVID testing and vaccination, phlebotomy, spirometry, non-COVID drug testing, pre-surgery screening, and other routine medical interventions. Once the need is reduced, the bays can be simply removed and stored until they are needed again.

The project was started in mid- 2020 by 40two as a response to the increased demands placed on the UK National Health Service caused by the sudden need to roll-out COVID-19 testing and vaccines while still delivering existing medical services, which has caused a knock-on effect felt throughout the entire ecosystem.

Contact us at and follow us on Twitter @projectmoveuk to see our prototype in action or to learn more.

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