We build solutions that deliver +ve societal impact

Who are we?

40two is an award winning Oxfordshire based solutions design agency with experience in co-creating Mobility, Environmental and Social Care solutions that support Local Authorities in meeting the needs of their citizens and service users in more cost effective and efficient ways.

Founded in November 2018 as im23 Ltd, 40two's mission was to redress the way that the public and private sectors worked together. Having worked across the transport spectrum for many years we were dismayed in what was being offered and what it was costing the public purse. We felt that it was time for change.

The best way to develop a sustainable solution is to work together with the challenge owners tapping in and optimising the talent and knowledge within these teams and that is exactly what we at 40two do. To us co-creation isn't just a buzz word it is a way of life.

By building things that work we can help our clients with both smart transformations and invest to save programmes. Our baseline is that anything we do has to deliver enhanced service provision and drive efficiencies for our customers.

But we want to expand this further. Challenges are often shared across Local Government and if a decent solution doesn't yet exist then there is commercial scope to provide this to other authorities at a fair and equitable price meaning a revenue share for our initial partner authority whilst delivering savings and service enhancement for others. This is what we believe in and what we deliver.

Our Approach

We build solutions that work. To us it doesn't matter if they are processes, digital, physical, policies or a combination of all of them - it just matters that they are equitable, sustainable and have a positive impact. Although we can support our clients at any point during a development we prefer to work on projects that we can be a part of from early ideas through to commercialisation and expansion, through four distinct phases:

Discovery & 

This is the core of everything we do as it forms the foundations for successful outcomes. We'll work closely and holistically with challenge owners to make sure that we have a full and clear understanding of what, why, when and for whom.

Problem & 
Challenge Definition

A tight focus aligns teams, keeps cost low, avoids any scope creep and shapes the road ahead.

Solution Co-Creation

Exploring, testing and most importantly working together in an environment where all ideas are welcome. This is the fun bit.

Development & Implementation

Whether we develop it in-house or bring in other teams as part of a consortium we're here to see our collective ideas turned into reality, launched, maintained and always enhanced out in the world.

Our Roster

We enjoy working together with great public sector teams from:

We're excited about what we'll create together and where it will take us...

We'd like to hear your ideas, challenges and experiences. There are only ever things to gain from starting a conversation so let's give it a try.

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